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Centering the Margins: Why we wrote this book

Updated: Feb 21

The Psychology of Black Womanhood Book's Origin Story

Mainstream psychology in the U.S. has overlooked critical aspects of the study of Black women since the foundation of the field. The documented inequities and research biases have led to the creation of psychological knowledge that not only fails to capture Black women’s realities but reflects a lack of cultural humility and competence. Thus, developing a cohesive document on the psychology of Black women consists of centering the study of Black women in the U.S. by situating theory and research in Black feminist thought, feminist psychology and African/Black psychology. Toward this end, this podcasts walks through the political, social and professional journey involved in the creation of the first Psychology of Black women textbook in the field.

Beyond simply providing a rationale for this textbook, this podcast highlights the importance of centering sociohistorical experiences in psychological research from the positionality of Black women themselves Drs. Danielle Dickens of Spelman College and Dionne Stephens of Florida International University, also share the emotional labor and costs they paid while developing this critically important textbook.

Podcast Running time: 34 minutes


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