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Speaking Engagements

We would love to connect and share with you!

Are you looking for a speaker who speaks with authenticity and emotion? As experts in the broad area of Black women's psychology, we have a personal obligation to help create opportunities for the exchange of knowledge between ivory tower and broader "real world" cultural contexts. Sharing our expertise gives also gives us the opportunity to actively engage with those who we are doing the work for and with. Through these rich interactions, we have been able to continue learning, growing and changing, as well.

We have years of experience leading workshops, seminars, weekend retreats, podcasts, and conference presentations (both virtual and in-person) worldwide. Our approach is to disseminate our knowledge in an informative way, while creating a space where others share their expertise. We know there are always others in the the room that often provide insightful contributions. Recognizing this, our approach to addressing Black women's lived experiences is unique, engaging, and guaranteed to positively impact your communities/ audience.

Our Select Presentations

We have both presented on various issues covered in the Psychology of Black Womanhood book.

To to inquire about speaking engagements, please contact us directly.

  • Black Bodies in Motion: The Hyper sexualization of Black women in Movement Arts
    Nonprofit Education and Advocacy for the Movement Arts (NEAMA)


  • Freaks, Gold Diggers, Divas & Dykes: Socio- Historical Constructions of Black Womanhood in Hip Hop
    YWCA Day Against Violence


  • Intersectionality & Healthcare: Expanding Understandings of Diverse Identities across Health Settings
    University of Arizona Health Sciences LGBTQIA+ National Symposium


  • Pretty for a Black Girl: Healthy Beauty & Body Image Conversations with Black Daughters
    Girl Power Inc. Annual It Takes a Village Conference


  • Platanos & Collard Greens: A Discussion about Interracial Relationships in the New Millennium
    Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts

Where we have shared our knowledge

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