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For Instructors

One of the most important responsibilities for college and university faculty is to provide students with high-quality instructional materials. This includes lectures, exam questions, study guides, assignment suggestions and syllabi. The Psychology of Black Womanhood resources are essential in helping students learn effectively and maximize their potential in a given course. The materials we have designed will ensure students are kept engaged while learning new material, instead of passively listening or memorizing.

INSTRUCTOR BOOK ORDERS (including Examination and Desk Copies)

Digital examination copies are available at the discretion of the Roman and Little  Publishers to qualified instructors of appropriate courses. Requests require complete course and affiliation details to be considered. Desk copies are provided on a complimentary basis to professors who have already adopted a text for course use and placed an order with a university or local bookstore for the texts.


We have ensured that faculty can access instructional tools for a designed course, beyond conceptualization and practicality. These include course syllabi, lectures, assignments, test banks and rubrics for an in-person, asynchronous online, or synchronous online courses (download sample materials here). Additionally, instructors will be able to integrate a publisher created comprehensive companion website for use with students.

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