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Skin Color as Social Capital for Black Women

Updated: Mar 28

The complexity of complexion for our wellbeing

How would you score on the paper bag test? Does skin color influence how you are able to move through this world? This podcast explores the ways skin color influences Black women's wellbeing as part of Beautiful in Your Skin Month. We discuss with Dr. Margaret Hunter the concept of skin color as a form of social capital; this concept explain how beauty, defined through light skin, works as capital and an evaluation tool on the dimensions of education, income, and spousal status.

Dr. Margaret “Maggie” Hunter will discuss her research "Light Skin Color as Social Capital for Women of Color", which used national survey data sets to analyze the effects of skin color on life outcomes for African American and Mexican American women. Dr. Hunter is a Professor and Strategic Advisor to the Dean for Faculty DEI Initiatives at the The Heart of Santa Clara University. She has written numerous books and articles examine the intersections of beauty, colorism, skin color, and Hip Hop culture; additionally Dr. Hunter authored the groundbreaking book Race Gender & Politics Skin Tone

To learn more about Dr. Hunter, click here. 

Works by Dr. Margaret Hunter:

Podcast Running time: 34 minutes


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